Reflections Camp is located inside Kabak Valley and is the fourth camp to be established. We are superbly located at least 100 meters away from the cluster of other camps with amazing views of both the sea and towering mountains. Reflections is just a seven minute walk from the beach through Kabak Valleys olive groves, amidst a forest abundant with Red Pines, Carob and Manzanita trees, patches of thyme, lilac and wild flowers. The camp is founded by Chris who started to build the camp in 2003, and created a camp in years with special designs, focused on preservation of nature and beauty inside the camp.

In February 2014, we as a group of four friends who have been running two hostels in Taksim, 0stanbul for many years took the camp over from Chris. We moved to this dreamful valley to carry on with our team who were experienced with an alternative way of hosting. Since then we try to improve with the energy the nature has given us.

Reflections Camp distinguishes itself by its blending of nature and diy architecture, individual artistic creations, earthbag houses, laid-back ambiance and a cordial team. The atmosphere at the camp is welcoming, friendly and intimate. It is not uncommon to see guests from previous years.